Melissa Middle School & Melissa High School

Academic Expo: Course Planning for the 2023-2024 School Year

The Academic Expo is an opportunity for students currently in 5th-11th grade, and their parents/guardians, to learn about the available course offerings and scheduling process for the 2023-2024 school year. Continue reading for more information.

The Academic Expo and meeting for incoming freshmen have been canceled due to the weather. Additional information will be shared once available.

Meeting for Incoming Freshmen

There will be a meeting for current 8th grade students and parents/guardians prior to the high school Academic Expo on Feb. 1, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Melissa Arts Center to provide additional information specific to incoming freshmen. The Melissa Arts Center is located next to the Melissa High School main building at 3030 Milrany Lane, Melissa, TX 75454 (Get Directions).

FEB. 1

@ Melissa High School

High School Academic Expo

📢 Helpful Tips for High School

  • Review the Academic Planning Guide (APG) to familiarize yourself with graduation requirements, course offerings, and the scheduling process.
  • Bring your grade-level course request card to the Academic Expo.
  • It’s important to take courses within your Endorsement area(s): Business & Industry, Arts and Humanities, Public Service, STEM, and/or Multidisciplinary.
  • Determine the courses that interest you and visit those teachers to learn more about the courses.
  • If you have questions about advanced or dual-credit courses visit with the teachers in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, or the Counselors.
  • Prioritize the elective courses you wish to take, with #1 being your top choice. Follow the instructions on your course request card as to how many choices to rank.
  • Course request cards must be submitted by Feb. 3, 2023, to the following:
    • Current 8th Grade – MMS Main Office
    • Current 9th Grade – World Geography Teacher
    • Current 10th Grade – World History Teacher
    • Current 11th Grade – English III Teacher

📝 9th-12th Grade Course Request Cards

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@ Melissa Middle School

Middle School Academic Expo

📢 Helpful Tips for Middle School

  • After reviewing your course planning sheet, make notes of your questions to bring to the expo.
  • Prioritize visiting the elective courses you wish to take that are available for your grade level.
  • Our counselors, nurses, athletic directors, and IB team will be located in the cafeteria to answer any questions pertaining to those areas.
  • Review the Academic Expo Map to determine where course, program, and department information will be located.

📝 6th-8th Grade Course Selection Sheets

Coming soon.